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Everything for analyst services, data modeling, web service development, and architecture.

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Application and Data Analysis

Services can include review of data integrity and cohesiveness, adherence to DB standards and practices, logical mapping of data for the purpose of understanding, and more.

Application Design and Architecture

Need a small script written, maybe a feature for an existing application, or maybe you need an entire solution written from front to back. Data abstraction through business layer- we provide the solutions you need to get your data transformed into useful information and make it available to a variety of technologies. We have the architectures in place to provide you web service, business logic layers, data abstraction layers, and MVC or MVVM front end architectures faster than our competition.

Data Modeling, Integrations, and Analysis

Not sure how to represent some data within your database and make it work with your existing data abstraction technology? Our service includes everything needed to take a concept and realize the solution datawise. Additional services may include exposing your data via web services.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance personnel can present an overhead in IT that companies don’t always feel like burdening. Whether you don’t have a Quality Assurance department, want to train non-technical people to become QA assets, or need to supplement your existing staff with additional skilled personnel- we can help.

Business Application Logic and Automations

If your organization is struggling to unify it's processes for more business process clarity or if you are a large organization looking for resources with experience to accomplishing your goals, Intity Software can help make this happen. Our resources have experience in pulling development resources together, providing clarity, reducing overhead, and driving collaberation between departments for better management of business processes. Whether you need architectural solutions or automatation solutions, Intity Software can help bring everything together and drive business efficiency.

Process Training and Efficiency

Process brings about savings from predictability, efficient processes that deliver streamlined deliverables, and accountability. "Process" is not a combersome or superflous methodology- it is a necessity of successful businesses large and small. Applying a process methodology can be the single most important thing a company can do to improve efficiency. The time savings for a project using process versus not- can be staggering. Many times it's not enough to just introduce a process methodology, sometimes you need to taylor the solution for each type of process for each department- then deliver that solution through training.

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