About Intity Software LLC

We see Application Development and IT as a whole- evolving into a new era.

Benefits of Working With Us

Faster to Market

Whether you need completely new solutions or to build on to your existing solutions, we have the infrastructure and code resources you need to get product to market faster. We are a process oriented organization that makes use of Scrum and other methodologies to bring you faster deliverables. We specialize in .Net development with resources that have years in backend and frontend development in a variety of market types. This experience, our solutions, and business breadth and experience bring you the desire timeframes you are looking for.

Lower Costs

Coupling our “faster-to-market” approach to development, we can host the development of your solutions in our own facilities. This reduces your need for desk space, tools, recruiting, and maintaining developers employment- which saves you money and effort. Why pay recruiters and marketing firms more, just to do all the work yourself?

Attention to Detail

Our developers have solid banking, marketing, engineering, and direct sales market experience giving us strong insight to design robust solutions. In addition, we value our relationship with our customers and take strides to get to know our customer's business and their specific needs. Working with us your company can take advantage of our process experience and we can introduce efficient process including Scrum to your environment while working with your employees to deliver business solutions. We are a firm of developers and manage them and their workflow better than many other firms and recruiting agencies.

Business Focus

While many other firms will try to wow you with pretty graphics and the opportunity to promote your business through appeal, we will offer you more. We are focused on providing business solutions for companies that wish to make money or save money through our solutions.

Our Mission

Intity Software has the goal of providing focused solutions for a variety of companies’ development requirements. It is Intity Software’s mission to not only provide a lucrative and easy experience for our customers but also make Intity Software a place where the top developer’s want to create. We are focused on providing .Net solutions for small businesses and marketing firms who find it difficult to find and manage quality .Net developers when .Net is the flagship of web business development technologies.

Our Process

Our company’s focus is to deliver backend solutions to companies and their departments who have the need but might not have the resources to achieve their goals. Because of this we shoulder the majority of the infrastructure requirements and through our process, we deliver the solutions needed by our clients for less cost than conventional development.

Contact and Communicate

First there need to be communication stating the need of our clients- typically this is where our client’s contact us with a set a requirements. Our two way communication help everyone envision your needs.


We’ll review the requirements as well as any additional materials and get back to our clients immediately. We can scour database schemas, documentation, and analyze code to better understand your company.


This is where the rubber begins to meet the road as we conceptualize the scope and design, while prioritizing requirements, and fleshing out our deliverable schedule.


Following the Scrum methodology, we’ll produce deliverables in a sort of milestone process to our clients on a one, two, or three week sprint schedule. This way you can see progress and test it as you go.

Quality Assurance

In some instances, our client’s will not be able to ascertain the quality of the solutions we create for them in the depth necessary. Thusly, we provide side-by-side, complementary, and complete QA solutions to our clients. We can even train your technical or non-IT personnel in appropriate QA process; effectively migrating existing staff, within your organization, into more intensive roles increasing their value to the company.


Once all aspects of the project have completed QA and been signed off- we’ll perform any training or provide documentation needed to integrate the new solution into your business, thus bringing your organization's dream to fruition.

Why Hire Us

The most compelling argument we have is that we manage .Net developers better than other third party vendors. We’re not a recruiting agency so you’re not paying an exorbitant fee for us and the developer. You don’t have the overhead of managing a .Net development team and trying to find work for them just to justify keeping the developers around. We take care of that, we work with you to realize your vision, and take care of your along the way.

Data Analysis

Services can include review of data integrity and cohesiveness, adherence to DB standards and practices, logical mapping of data for the purpose of understanding, and more.

Data Modeling

Not sure how to represent some data within your database and make it work with your existing data abstraction technology? Our service includes everything needed to take a concept and realize the solution data-wise. Additional services may include delivering your data to third parties via web services.

.Net Development

Need a small script written, maybe a feature for an existing application, or maybe you need an entire solution written from front to back. Data abstraction through business layer- we provide the solutions you need to get your idea transformed into useful system and make it available to a variety of technologies. We have the flexible architectures available to provide you with web service, business logic, data abstraction, and MVC or MVVM front end architectures faster than our competition.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance personnel are an obscure expense in that you don’t feel like you need them on staff at all times. Whether you don’t have a Quality Assurance department, want to train non- technical people to become QA assets, or need to supplement your existing staff with additional personnel who know what they are doing- we have the resources available.

Additional Development

Sometimes you need some javascript, jQuery, or other scripts written. Sometimes you just need some Sitecore or Compendium development done in a hurry. We do all that too.

Process and Efficiency

Often overlooked for fear that not directly contributing to project man-hours and costing time and money- "Process and Efficiency Methodologies" actually help in saving time, money, and stress from idea to finished product:

  • Introduce Task Accountability
  • Implement Efficient Workflow
  • Provide Everyone with Clarity and Predictability
  • Improved Response Time in Most Aspects of Development

We've got what you need!

With our unique infrastructure for our consultants, and no recruiters- you save money and time. With our process, architectural considerations and more, you save time to market.

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