Intity Software LLC's Client Library

We make these documents available to our customers for their convenience and to help them smoothly work along side us.

Client Documents

Requirements Gathering

This document will help our customers understand the process by which to derive a set of basic instructions that will help the development team in delivering to a accurate product the first time. There is more training on this topic available from Intity Software L.L.C.

Analysis for New Development

Within this document our customers will learn the process by which to derive your set of goals and review the available technology and more to come to various conclusion that will lead them and their team to finding out exactly what they need to have completed.

Application Bug Isolation for Developers

Although a summary of our internal document for developers- it offers a good deal of information our customers can make use to help us document discrepancies during testing.

Application Integrations

A brief document that outlines the considerations for integrating third party applications and their data into an existing or new system. The information will help our customers perform a more comprehensive analysis where integrations are needed.

Risk Assessments

...are documents that outline a process by which risk for various aspects of a project are discovered, analyzed, and solutions are planned to solve said issues. This process helps to find issues long before design or development begin and should be accomplished before the beginning of each project, Sprint, and deployment. There are multiple types of risk assessments one can accomplish; this document only covers a small segment of those.

Various Development Processes

A set of brief explanations about various other processes and principles our teams use to deliver solutions.

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