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Our Application Quality Assurance services are divided between our thorough training curriculum and testing services. Our customers can leverage one or both guaranteeing application quality but also the convenience of us training your personnel in matters concerning application quality assurance.

Types of Service

Acceptance Testing

Acquiring faulty or incomplete code from other organizations can be a costly mistake. Whether an organization is acquiring new software code resources or finishing a project in which an unbiased evaluation of the software is needed, companies can leverage our highly trained testers to ensure the solution meets the prescribed needs of the organization.

Scheduled Testing

Many processes in the industry incorporate testing of software enhancements as they are completed by developers. Having independent and unbiased quality testing ensures products are tested appropriately before being released to users.

Other Types of QA

Application Quality Assurance Testing involves a plethora of tasks and undertakings fairly diverse in nature. In some instances, an organization may request to have an elusive bug isolated and documented; some right require an on-going testing process to ensure application uptime for customer. We are ready to face those challenges.

Benefits of This Service/Product

Better Efficiency in Delivering a Quality Product

A Clearer Definition of Application Strengths and Weaknesses.

Transparency in Process Allowing for Introspection and Adaptation.

Training Process

Our customers can make use of our expertise in application quality assurance in a rather unique way:
We can be contracted to teach a variety of employees with various experiences to perform low-level tasks associated with product testing. This includes discovery and documenting discrepancies associated with new and existing products. This brings a huge value to our customers who wish to leverage the experience of their existing employees without overhead of hiring dedicated Quality Assurance Testers.


We assess and evaluate the needs organizations have for the AQA program. This includes learning the organization’s intricacies, requirements, scope, products, and future needs.


Next, we identify a course of action for the best results. This will often include a phased approach and identification of assets who will undergo training.


A clear curriculum is then drafted, approved, and signed-off by both parties.


The training program will then be scheduled and administered.


Metrics will be documented to address effectiveness.

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