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Our services include the discovery and creation of coded business logic in a manner that is easily applied across an entire company. In addition, our automated services can leverage business logic service.


Business Logic

Every organization has logic associated with their business operations. This can include items such as who gets commissions, internal auditing measures, fraud detection, customer benefit qualifications, and much more. We learn your organization, build documentation detailing your business logic, often for legal purposes, and then build your business logic services so your entire organization can benefit from the continuity, integrity, and unification of service based business logic services.


Many applications require the user to trigger an action to occur. In truth, many aspects of daily business are triggered by a wide range of causes including EOD, EOM, and data parameters that are not triggered by users. Some services are hosted by us, others you can purchase the code to manage them yourselves. The features of this variety of components includes but is not limited to:
  • ACH and Credit Card transactions for recurring billing, charges, and scheduled billing. Money is deposited into an account of your choosing, with easy reporting for tax purposes.
  • Data parameter driven triggers for automatic processing.
  • Time driven triggers for automatic processing.
  • Processing History for easy reference.
  • Fully configurable automatic processing components.
  • Configuration change history.
  • Automation can be used to perform scheduled auditing services.
  • Many components integrate well into a variety of server environments.

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